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Arig writes a broad spectrum of reinsurance products to make up a highly diversified portfolio. The Company takes a prominent position on pro rata Treaty reinsurance, selected Excess of Loss covers as well as Facultative risks that match our risk appetite.

In addition, Arig is a leader on regional Life and Medical accounts and on Motor Extended Warranty treaties administered through its subsidiary, Gulf Warranties.


Arig provides Treaty reinsurance to its clients with emphasis on continuity and shared economics. Our willingness to provide flexible and comprehensive support to our clients has resulted in a degree of customer loyalty that well exceeds the industry norms.

Arig offers Proportional and Non-proportional Treaty reinsurance for both Life and Non-life clients, as leader or by way of supporting existing treaty programs.


Awareness and demand for Life cover and related benefits are increasing rapidly throughout the region. In response, Arig is able to offer a dedicated reinsurance platform backed by a team with international experience. Depth of service and training are essential to our clients, who have a keen interest in seeing their Personal Lines business expand.

Arig assumed a strategic position to develop in this area and as a result, Life reinsurance has grown to become a significant part of our overall portfolio. Product lines supported include Group and Individual Life, Personal Accident and Critical Illness benefits, as well as Credit Life schemes.


Market conditions in the conventional group scheme market are recognized to be very challenging and Arig writes medical reinsurance of this nature on a selective basis only.

Arig believes that there are sound alternative opportunities in the Medical Expenses insurance market by means of developing more targeted products for individuals and for affinity groups. We have extensive experience in product design and pricing and are able to apply this to enable our clients to explore this sector of the market.

This approach, along with close control over claims management, is a feature, which allows the insurer to participate in the medical expenses market whilst avoiding the volatility that is often associated with it.


Reflecting the portfolio composition in our markets, Arig writes a considerable book of Property accounts where the Company assumes significant risk positions on quality risks.


Arig is active in the business lines of

  • Engineering
  • Casualty / General Accident
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Marine Hull, Cargo and Marine Liabilities
  • Extended Warranties for Motor Vehicles and Consumer Electronics

Facultative represents a core interest area for the Company. While writing to sound underwriting standards, we offer considerable capacity and quick turnaround on all enquiries.

Claims and Technical Accounts

Knowledgeable staff, supported through dedicated and well customized reinsurance systems, provide accurate and efficient services for clients in all areas of reinsurance account handling and claims payment.

Client events

As part of our service commitment, Arig regularly conducts training events to address the skill development needs in our industry. Our workshops cater for all level from beginners to advanced and training is conducted for groups or on a one-to-one basis.

From time to time we also engage in topics that concern the insurance industry as a whole, in an effort to promote professionalism in emerging markets.

IT Solutions (ARIMA)

ARIMA Insurance Software was established in 2002 and today is one of the few software houses domiciled in the MENA region. Products include comprehensive software for reinsurance companies and Takaful operators.

All applications were designed by insurance practitioners – a feature that is reflected in their intuitive and easy-to-manage user interfaces. ARIMA’s products and services cater to the specific size of regional business operations and are cost effective solutions where larger packages may not fit the bill.

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