About Us

Committed to giving our clients attention that can only come from a top class regional reinsurer

About Us

How well do you interact with your reinsurer? Moreover, how well does your reinsurer interact with you? Is your reinsurer a truly professional underwriter who shares your market and can meet your needs to develop and succeed in that market? Does your reinsurer ‘speak your language?

Arig is well positioned to do just that and as a well established and leading specialist reinsurer in the Afro Asia region, it has the enhanced understanding and ability to service the region’s insurance industry. It is our aim to respond promptly and effectively to our clients’ needs and so provide the support that is essential to succeed in the market.

Arig has been a trusted risk partner for over 36 years and is a publicly traded company owned by over 6,000 private and institutional investors and listed on the stock exchanges of Bahrain and Dubai.

Offering a broad range of products and services, Arig is a reinsurer that has built its reputation on stable security, the expertise of its people and their focus on our customers’ needs. Focusing on the dynamic economies in our area we are committed to giving clients the kind of dedicated attention that can only come from a top class reinsurer that is based in the region.



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