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Board Committees

Arig’s board is supported by the following sub-committees:

Audit and Risk Committee:

The Audit and Risk Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its controlling and oversight responsibilities by reviewing its financial reporting, system of internal controls, the audit process and the Company’s compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Mr. Ahmed Saeed Al Mahri    Chairman
Dr. Bader Abdulla Al Jaberi     Member
Mr. Wael Abukhzam                 Member


Nomination and Remuneration committee:

The Nomination & Remuneration Committee assists the Board in reviewing the nomination and remuneration of Board of Directors and members of the Company’s General Management through the application of best practices of Corporate Governance.

Dr. Bader Abdulla AlJaberi              Chairman
Mr. Saeed Mohammed AlBahhar    Member
Mr. Mohamed Saif AlSuwaidi           Member
Mr. Wael Ibrahem Abu khzam         Member
Mr. Ahmed Saeed AlMahri               Member


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