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Arig concludes its 10th Annual Seminar

Source: Corporate Communications

Manama: The 10th Annual Seminar ‘Tracing the developments in regional markets: Arig’s 25 years perspective’, organised by Arab Insurance Group (Arig) concluded today at Arig House.

The three-day seminar was attended by 30 participants representing insurance companies from 18 countries. Arig organised this seminar with the objective to share its expertise and knowledge with the insurance industry. The seminar is also intended to develop necessary skills of young professionals in understanding the technical aspects of insurance and business operations in a competitive market scenario.

Arig’s annual seminars have achieved tremendous credibility in the insurance industry. This year’s seminar topic traced the important developments, changing market dynamics and challenges witnessed by the industry in the last quarter century. The seminar provided an ideal platform for insurance professionals, enabling them to understand the trends and complexities in areas like Reinsurance Marketing, Underwriting Claims, IT and Finance.

Yassir Albaharna, CEO, Arig said, “It has been our constant endeavour to share and enrich our business partners with our experience and knowledge of the insurance industry. We started this initiative in a small way. It gives us a great sense of satisfaction that this initiative has completed its 10 years of relentless service to the insurance fraternity which coincides with Arig’s silver jubilee. Today, its success and popularity gives us the zeal to continue organising such seminars in the years to come.”

Salah Al-Maraj, Director-Marketing, Arig, who has been the driving force behind organising this event said, “The seminar enabled participants to gain better understanding of developments and challenges witnessed by the insurance industry in past 25 years. All the participants are extremely pleased about the seminar structure and the learning achieved during last 3 days which would go a long way in their professional career.”


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